Scrap to Gold

Scrap to Gold began in 2001 and is an innovative and environmentally responsible program of recycling scrap metal to raise funds to support Western Australians living with severe and enduring mental illness. The program assists people with accommodation and support to grow their confidence and develop social and life skills through the St Vincent de Paul Society’s mental health service.

As a partner of the Scrap to Gold program your organisation can help us to:

  • Save energy – producing steel from recycled materials compared with virgin material saves 75% of the energy needed.
  • Reduce waste – reusing steel creates four to five times less carbon emission than producing new steel.
  • Preserve our earth – for every ton of steel recycled, it saves around 1,100kg of iron ore, 450kg of coal and 55kg of limestone.
  • Raise funds – to assist people living with mental illness.

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How can we get involved?

Getting involved in the Scrap to Gold program is easy. Scrap metal is donated from a diverse range of places including machinery, hospitals, engineering and mining companies.

If your organisation has metal you don’t require – such as structural steel, wear metal, vehicle batteries or any other type of metal that is not contaminated – then please register to become a Scrap to Gold partner and donate it.

How do we register?

Sims Metal delivers & collects the bins

Sims Metal liaises with your business to deliver an industrial bin for you to deposit the metal in; these bins are then removed from site every four weeks or as often as required.*

Collection points are in both metropolitan and rural areas, where the public can also dispose of vehicle batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

*All collections are subject to transport viability. Arrangements can also be made to pick up bulk metal which is too large for the bins.

How do we order a bin?

Scrap metal is weighed & valued by Sims Metal

Upon collection, Sims will recycle the metal and forward the proceeds to Vinnies WA.

How are the funds used?

Vinnies has helped many West Australian’s over the years

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Read Carl's* story

Time to make a difference

As a partner of the Scrap to Gold program your organisation can help us to raise funds to support Western Australians living with severe and enduring mental illness find out more. If your organisation would like to take part in this innovative program or if you have any questions, please feel free to call 08 6323 7500 or message us below.

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